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1999 Magne Power Microman Series

Micro-Zenmine : 034 Kero-charger, 035 Mogu-launcher & 036 Kama-claw and Acro-Zenmine : 037 Pyrany-tron & 038 Kabu-turbo (6/26/99)


Zenmine came on the red blister card similar to other Magne series from the first half of the year.


Magne Clark equips with Mogu-launcher's drill pack.




Takara released the Zenmine (means wind-up) series of toys in June of 1999.  Zenmine were small pull-back cars (similar to Takara Choro Q line) with the designs based on popular Japanese animal.  The Zenmine can also transform into robot and when wind-up can do wobble walk.  Each Zenmine had metal ball joint that allowed them to be connect to the Robotman ABC and the Acro-Monsters.

Zenmine's head and hands also can be removed to form power up flight pack for either the Demon Acroyers or the Magne Power Microman.  Takara released two basic Zenmine designs - one for Microman and one for Acroyer.   Micro-Zenmine were mechanical looking while the Acro-Zenmine had organic look.

Acro-Zenmine in robot mode

Aside from magnemo-11 compatibility, Takara also tried to market the Zenmine as vehicles for the Micro-Station track (which were the same as Choro Q car tracks).  Microman or Acroyers can stand on top of the Zenmine and ride around the track.

Micro-Zenmine in robot mode

The Zenmine were probably design as goofy toys for kids along the same idea as the Uniquer from the old series.  While the designs of Zenmine were very cute and they were compatible with many of the Magne series toys, they seems a little out of place in Microman line even for the Magne series.  It appeared Takara was running out of idea and began to put whatever they can get a hold of into the line and the line began to feel very disjointed.


034 Kero-charger (Frog-charger)

035 Mogu-launcher (Mole-launcher)

036 Kama-claw (Mantis-claw)


037 Pyrany-tron (Piranha-tron)

038 Kabu-turbo (Beetle-turbo)