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1977 Command

1977 Microman Series / Mecha Series

Super Mecha TCB-1 (Titan Command Base - One) (c.1977)


Front and Rear Section

The front section of TCB-1 feature a movable cockpit with two missiles launchers on each side.  (Shown here with Titan Command 5 T492 Cashias)

The back section of TCB-1 has door that open into a ramp.  Titan Cars can be store inside the base and act as a mobile garage.  Note also the rear gunner station. TCB-1 can also be mount on top of the Surveyor bottom section which then acted as a motorized unit.  

Titan Command Base -1 or TCB-1 was released during the end of the Microman Command Series.  Super Mecha Base TCB Series was intended to be Titan Command equivalent of the Microman Command Surveyor Base.  Takara obviously planed to release more than one TCB, since this one was designated as TCB-1 however due to declining popularity of Microman by the end of 1977 Takara cancel the plan for the next TCB and moved on to the next year line.   Prototype pictures of TCB-2 can be seen in Titan command catalog and Hyper Mook 6 Legend of Victory book.

Super Mecha Titan Command Base - One

TCB-1 was design as a mobile base for Microman Titans.  The base featured launching pad for Titan cars and planes (Titan T48X type).  The base also came with several 5mm to magnemo-8 connectors for Titan figures.  TCB-1 was the first and only playset design solely for the Titans Series.  (Dash Rail was a repaint Gimca toy).   TCB-1 was not a particularly interesting, nor very fun toy since none of the Microman figures will fit into the base.  The connectors that used to mount the Titan figures made them look somewhat awkward and peculiar since their legs must be removed.  The base however had a refreshing design and look difference from that of other Microman toys.  TCB-1 is a relatively rare piece to find and its uniqueness as the only Titan playset make it a fine center piece for Titan collection.

Left : TCB-1 features a spring load launching pad on top of the base.  The pad is mount on an extendable arm.  The top of the launching pad also has a twin spring load missile launchers.  The toy features extensive used of 5mm ports and connectors.  It seems the base was design to be center point for the Titans where all their parts (both figures and vehicles) can be mounted on to the base and turn it into a "collective" hub.