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1999 Magne Power Microman Series

Toys R Us Exclusive - Super Robotman (10/1999)


Toys R Us Exclusive Super Robotman Set

Takara offered Super Robotman as a Toys R Us store exclusive in October of 1999.  Super Robotman was basically a combination of Robotman Dean body with legs and arms from Robotman Endeavor.   Toys R Us Super Robotman came with a set of re-deco Robotman D & E together in one big box.   The set came with Black version of Robotman Dean and Military version of Robotman Endeavor.  The toy was sold in gold color design box with black and white picture of the two toys.

Robotman Dean Black Type & Robotman Endeavor Military Type

Black version of Robotman Dean was not much difference from the normal version.  The white and blue parts in normal version were replaced with black or dark gray and the red parts were done in darker tone.   The cockpit window was also done in almost opaque smoke clear.

Military version of Endeavor came in dark gray tone with dull bronze.  The head part was done in silver which actually look very nice.  The new color scheme was more subdue and similar to the old Real Type concept of New Microman line from 1982-83.

Super Robotman

Super Robotman was a combination of Robotman Dean and Robotman Endeavor and not a new toy.  The new combination is not that much different from the normal mode. So pick up this toy only if you are a completist and want everything from the new line or only if you haven't got the regular version of Robotman D & E, since they are essentially the same toys.