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1999 Magne Power Series
Super Magne Power Microman - 039 Super Arthur, 040 Super Izam, 041 Super Walt, 042 Super Edison & 043 Super Odin (7/15/99)


Super Microman came on the new green color blister card.  Unlike the first Magne series, each blister card design was unique to each figure. (Shown above is 039 Super Arthur package)

Back view

Back view of Super Microman.  The figure now had a real 5mm port with the familiar small screw in the center.  Beside the 5mm port, each figure also had small 2mm port on each arms.  Takara would later expanded the use of the 2mm system (already commonly found on ChoroQ toys for used as accessories attachment points)

Each Super Microman was very highly details even the back side was full with small details. 


Super Microman had clear blue plate on top of their chest pieces.  The design obviously to reflect the Command 2's heritage. (The pentagon was now inverse)  The clear blue part also had engrave detail just like Command 2 glow in the dark chest piece.  The engraving however was unique to each member of the Magne Power Microman.

Beside the new body design, Takara also completely redesign the heads.  Each member came with new design based on their old head from the Magne series.

Takara released the second series of Microman figures in July of 1999.  The new figures were call Super Microman.  The figure had been completely re-design and was more closely resemble that of the old 1970's series style figure.   Many collectors were excited by the new figure design, however, by this time Microman line was suffering from slugging sale due to poor reception to its high cost anime series.  Many felt that the Super Series should had been the one that Takara should had launch the line with.  Takara, also suffering from long term financial difficulty had scale down the production of Super Microman and Magne Arden.  These figures, became very popular with collectors and the initial shipment was actually sold out.  It actually was the encouraging sale of the Super and Arden series that caused Takara decided to continue Magne Microman for the year 2000.  They, however, canceled the anime series but kept the manga series in the "Bom Bom" comic.  Takara promised to keep the new line going but the prospect of the line making it big became impossible without the anime series support.


039 Super Arthur with Super Magne Blaster

Super Magne Power figures came not only with brand new body design, but Takara also gave each figure new head design base on the old Magne Power heads.   Along with new look, the figure, now with "real" arms on both side, came with personalize magnet weapon accessories.  Super Microman and Magne Arden were probably the best figures from the 1999 Magne Power series.  It was unfortunate that Super Microman figures came along too late to save the line from the impending doom. 

040 Super Izam with Magne Sword & 041 Super Walt with Water Boomerang


043 Super Odin with Corona Gun & 042 Super Edison with Magne Whip