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1999 Magne Powers Microman Exclusive
Bom Bom Comic mail-away - Microman Shakunetsu (12/1999)

Shakunetsu came with numbered bio-card.

Shakunetsu was a clear reddish orange Microman with greenish-gold trim and Skullman-like head.  The head and color scheme came from the two winning designs from Bom Bom Comic's "Design Your Microman Contest."


Shakunetsu was the winning Magne Power Microman design from the contest held by Bom Bom and Takara back in May of 1999.  Takara had agree to turn the winning designs into new Magne Power Microman figure.  Shakunetsu was available as a mail-away for Bom Bom comic book by using a coupon from October issue of Bom Bom.  The figures were not limited.