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1999 Magne Powers Microman Exclusive
Sega UFO Game Machine Prize Edition Magne Power Microman (3/1999)


SEGA UFO Game Prize Edition of Magne Power Microman came on the same standard blister card as the regular version but with silver sticker on the package.

Aside from these SEGA Prize Edition repaint of Magne Power Microman, Takara also produced PVC version of Magne Power figures for various arcade and gashapon (capsule toys) machines.

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SEGA UFO Prizes Microman were special repaint versions of the Magne Powers Microman 001-005.  They were given out as random prizes from Sega UFO Game machine (arcade crane game type machines which are very popular in Japan).   However many of the toys dealers were able to get them from distributors and sold them as set.  SEGA UFO Prizes Microman came on the same blister package as the regular Magne Powers Microman but with a silver sticker on the packages to denote that they were the special prize editions.

Chrome Magne Arthur was probably the coolest looking one of the five SEGA Prize version and was the one most sought after by collectors.

SEGA UFO Prize Edition came in somewhat strange choice of colors.  001 Magne Arthur came in a very nice metallic chrome, however 002-005 were repainted to match the members of Microman M11X series.  It was not clear why this particular series was pick to be pattern after but they do make interesting looking color variants.   The SEGA set was the first time Magne Power Microman came in solid color plastic instead of the usual translucent plastics found on the standard editions.   While the chrome version of Arthur was very nice, the rest of the set however were rather average looking.

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