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1999 Magne Power Microman Series

Robotman Series - 053 Robotman Dean (c.1999)


052 Robotman Dean came in beautifully design box with die-cut design and gold foil background.

Transforming Robotman

Unlike the old Robotman which used the concept of interchangeable, Dean was more like the New Microman toys with self-transformation and combiner features.

Robotman Dean can be disassemble into five vehicles for each of the five Magne Microman.  Dean arms became gun turrets while the legs form a pair of bikes.  The main body became a jet for Magne Arthur.

Dean Blaster

Dean Cannon

Dean Sub

Dean Bike

Beside these combiner/transformer features, Robotman Dean can be interchange with Robotman Endeavor to form Super Robotman.  (Takara released them together as Toys R Us Exclusive Super Robotman Set which was basically repaint versions of Dean and Endeavor sold together) 

Takara released Robotman Dean, Endeavor and New Giant Acroyear as the last three toys of the Magne Power line.   All three were the largest of all the robots in the 1999 line-up.  By this time Magne line began to suffer from declining sale due to poor response to both the manga series and the big budget TV anime series.  Many of the old Microman fans also disenchant with the new line toys which many complains were nothing like the Microman of old.  Takara at this point was contemplating ending the line.  The anime had already been cancel along with the manga.

053 Robotman Dean

Despite the declining sale Takara went ahead and released the Fall 1999 line up which turn out to be some of the best toys in the Magne line.  Takara, had already curtailed production of Super Microman and Magne Arden, which tuned out to be selling well and led to shortage of these figures in the initial shipment.  With this renew hope for the line, Takara decided to extend the line into 2000 but this time without the anime.

Robotman Dean, liked Endeavor and Giant Acroyear, was based on the original series idea.  Both Robotman D & E stood about 10" tall and best of all they actually had cockpit for Microman figure much like Robotman from the old line.  Robotman Dean head also resemble the look of Robotman 2.   White the new Robotman had features that was missing from the previous Robotman A, B & C, they were however nothing like the original.  Robotman Dean was design to be compatible with magnemo-11 and both D & E also were designed as combiner type robots.  While these features gave the toys more playability, they also made the robot quite un-stable  with parts that kept falling off.  Despite the magnemo-11 problem that seemed to plaque the new line, Robotman Dean and Endeavor were very nice looking robot toys if a bit too busy looking.  

Dean Jet

Robotman Endeavor and Robotman Dean, can be break apart and forms several vehicles and weapon platforms for Microman figures.  The main body form a sub, while the legs form a tractor and a tank and the arms turned into crane.  While the combiner feature was nice and add to play value, the toy would be better with just one simple transformation instead of the sentai (Power Ranger) like toys that Takara had been pushing for the Magne line.