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 1977 Command Mecha Series
Super Mecha Robot Machine Z (c.1977)


Robot Machine Z come in a very big box since it essentially two toys in one - a robot and a tank.

Back View

Here is the back view of Robot Machine Z.  Note the port in the back which is used to connect Robot Machine Z to the tank or it can be used to mount the tank cannon. (using the included adapter)

While Robot Machine Z is definitely a big departure in design from Robotman, it is one of the most beautiful toys in Microman line with it's curve body, round Gakeen-like arms and clear amber cockpit.




Robot Machine Z was released in 1977 as a successor to the original Robotman.   In the manga series, Robotman was heavily damage during one of the battle, so the Microman Command 3 build a new robot replacement for Akira.  According to the manga and catalog, Robot Machine Z was build using the secret Micro-science super circuit hidden inside Microman Command 3 M171.   Akira, however. refused to pilot Robot Machine Z, and often sneak out with the old Robotman.   


Robot Machine Z

Unlike the original Robotman which can converted into drill tank and bulldozer, the Robot Machine Z came in two totally separate parts, one is a Tank like vehicle and another is a robot.  The robot section can be used to combine with the tank.  Robot Machine Z is only about 10 inches in height and is a lot smaller than the 14" Robotman.  Robot Machine Z chest and head flip back to reveal cockpit for Microman figure.  Unlike Robotman, Robot Machine Z housed the Microman in  seating position.   Robot Machine Z also have two spring load firing fists.

Machine Z Tank

The Tank part is fully motorized with real caterpillar trends. The tank cannon section is movable with a seat for Microman figure act as a gunner.  The cannon fire a big spring load  suction dart missile.  The front of the tank contains twin amber window cockpits for two Microman - a pilot and a copilot.  

Robot Machine Z Tank Mode

Robot Machine Z can be combined with his tank counterpart to transform into a wheeled Mech.  Robot Machine Z also come with two disk-like wheels that can be used in place of the caterpillar.   The fists also can be replaced with missiles.