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1999 Magne Power Microman Series

052 Mr. Grey & Kirin Power Drink with Magne Cyber (7/15/99) 

Mr. Grey's Secret Base was disguised as Kirin Power Drink


Mr. Grey set came with exclusive white and black Magne Power Microman named Cyber.  Cyber had chrome chest.  The head design was very similar to Magne Arthur and Magne Conan (no helmet, only headphone-like gear)

The Power Drink opened to reveal secret hide out for Mr. Grey and his Turtle Saucer.

Mr. Grey was another Takara licensed property that had cross-over appearance in Microman anime.  Mr. Grey came with secret base that disguised as Kirin Power Drink bottle (Along the same idea as the previous two Micro Machines - Beat Roader soda can and Spy Heli Cup-O-Noodle), that serve as hiding place for his turtle saucer and power suit.  Mr. Grey's Power Suit was a mechanical suit that turn Mr. Grey into pseudo Magne Power Microman.  The Power Suit came with 5 mm port and even a Magne Power arm.   The set also came with exclusive Magne Power Microman Cyber - a white & black Magne Power Microman.

Mr. Grey in his power suit.  The power suit came with Magne arm and 5mm port.

Power Drink in "vehicle mode". Note the saucer transformed into Power Turtle unit.  The turret could be removed from Power Turtle and Mr. Grey's Power Suit could be set on top.