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1999 Magne Power Microman Series

Magne Power Arden Series - 044 Arden Purple, 045 Arden Dark and 046 Arden (7/15/99) 


Magne Arden was sold in the Super Microman Series package design. (with green beam background).  The card back was personalized for each figure.




044 Arden Purple & 045 Arden Dark

During the second half of 1999 Takara released second series of enemy for Magne Power Microman line - the Magne Arden.  Like the Demon Acroyer, Magne Arden was an update design of the old Acroyear from the original 1970's series.   Magne Arden's design was unmistakably derived from Acroyear 2 A32X Type.  (Micronauts Acroyear)  Magne Arden came completed with the wing back pack, sword and even roller feet just like the old Acroyear 2.   The body and head however resembled that of the Arden Series A38X from 1978 Police Keeper Microman Series.

While the Magne Arden might resembled the old Acroyear 2, they were actually related to the original Arden just like their names implied.

Magne Arden was constructed with ball socket joints much like the Demon Acroyer.  Takara released three variants of Magne Arden - 044 Arden Purple, 045 Arden Dark and 046 Arden Flame.   (Takara would later sold blue version of Magne Arden - Arden Cold as Sendai Department Store Exclusive)

The Magne Arden were very impressive looking figures.  The figure was an excellent update of the old Acroyear 2 design. The body armors and feet had nicely detail.  Magne Arden was definitely a nice follow-up to the Demon Acroyer series.  Beside the great looking design, Magne Arden came with many features and accessories.  Magne Arden had magnetic chest, hand and feet which gave them some continuity to the Demon Acroyer series.  The figure came with back pack that when folded could transform the figure into a bike.   Each figure also came with BB launcher hand and a matching sword that can be attached to the left arm.

046 Arden Flame

Here is back view of Magne Arden.  Note the highly details feet and backpack.  Below is Arden Dark transform into a bike.