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Micro Archive - Magne Series

Micro Archive - Magne Power & LED Series

Korean Edition Magne Power Microman (c.2001)

The figure came package in small box with the figure inside a white styrene insert tray.

Korean Series Line-up

M01-M05 Mange Microman

M06-M10 Change Trooper

M11 - Magne Microman Box Set

M12-M16 Zenmein

DX01-DX03 Robotman

DX04-DX05 Micro Machines

DX06-DX08 Magne Titan

DX9-DX10 Magne Animals

DX11-DX13 Acro Monster

DX14 Acro Monster Set

DX15 Mr. Grey

DX16-DX17 Cassette Machines

DX18 Micro Station

DX19-DX20 Robotman D & E

DX21 Giant Acroyear

DX22 Robotman A with DX09 & DX10

KIT01-KIT05 Micro Kit Machines

* Special Thanks to my friend Jay P. for these Korean Edition of Magne Power Microman

In 2001, Korean company licensed Magne Power Microman toys and anime for import to Korea.  The line up included all the toys from the Magne Power series.  The toys were marketed in conjunction with the TV show.   Korean version of Magne Power toys were fully licensed products but the toys were produced by Korean factory instead of China.  I only have the five Microman figures and these did have some minor differences from the Takara version.   The plastic colors came in slightly different shades and the paint job was much better than Takara version. The chrome parts were also much thicker with more luster but had some excess chrome flash.  The back of the figure was fully painted unlike the Takara version where the 5mm port and the panels were left clear.  The butt also had TAKRA'98 with "KOREA" stamp instead of "CHINA". The shoulder rivets were changed from the rounded top to flat rivet. 

Korean Edition of Magne Power Microman Arthur

The toys came package in cardboard box instead of the blister pack.   The line-up was divided into M Series for the small figures and DX series for the larger figures (Robotman) and the vehicle play-sets.   Magne Microman Kit-Machines had separate KIT designation.

So far it appeared that the Korean versions were limited to just some of the early Magne series and the magnemo toys. Also the Acroyer were all missing from the line-up.  It was uncertain if the Super series and the later LED series would be produced as follow-up line for 2002.   This would be great for those who missed out on the Super and many LED figures which were produced in very limited quantities by Takara.

Catalog & Paperwork

Interestingly the figure came package with Microman catalog similar to the vintage Microman series catalog.  Each figure also came with two trading cards.  They appeared to be randomly inserted.