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1999 Magne Power Microman Series

Microman Kit-Machine - 047 Galac Hopper, 048 Micro Escargot, 049 Crab Dozer, 050 Earth Jetter and 051 Bulk Lifter  (7/15/1999)


Each Microman Kit-Machine was sold in a small box. The boxes were unique to each particular kit. (Shown above is 049 Crab Dozer box)  The toy came in kit-form and must be assemble.


Each Kit-Machine can transform into "bug" mode.  Beside these transformation modes, the five Kit-Machines can be combine to form a giant power-suit.  The combination is pretty basic and involves attaching each kit together.

Galac Hopper in grasshopper mode

Micro Escargo in snail mode


Crab Dozer in crab mode

Earth Jetter in dragonfly mode

Bulk Lifter in beetle mode 

Takara released series of vehicles called Microman Kit-Machines as a tribute to the first Microman toys from 1974.  Magne Power Micro Kit-Machines were series of vehicle that came in kit form and must be assemble.  The assembly process were pretty easy but time consuming especially when tried to apply all the delicate and thin chrome stickers.

047 Galac Hopper - a bike

There were five kits, one for each of the Magne Power main characters.  The first kit was call Galac Hopper which was clear red grass-hopper that transform into motorcycle.  The second kit was call Earth Jetter which was purple dragonfly that transform into jet.  The third one was call Micro Escargot which was clear blue snail that transform into hover-craft.  The fourth one was call Bulk Lifter which was smoke clear beetle that can transform into a forklift.  The fifth one was call Crab Dozer which was a clear green crab that can transform into a bulldozer.  Takara gave each Kit-Machines names that were very similar or the same as Microman vehicles from the old series. Beside the simple self-transformation, the Kit-Machines can be combine together to form a giant power suit walker for a Microman figure.  Microman Kit-Machines were very beautiful and were also highly details, however because of their plastic kit aspect many collectors were not very fond of them.

048 Micro Escargot - a VTOL jet

049 Crab Dozer - a bulldozer 

050 Earth Jetter - a jet

051 Bulk Lifter - a forklift