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1977 Command Series

1977 Microman Titan Series

Gimca FMB Series Titan Cars F1, F2, F3 & F4 (c.1977)


Titan Command car came in Gimca style box which is very similar to Microman Titan Command box.  These Titan cars were designated as FMB because they came with Frame, Motor and Battery units.  (Microman Titan Commands were designated as FT since it came with a Frame and a Titan)

Beside these "sci-fi" style cars, Takara also produce real world style Gimca slot cars.  Along with cars, Takara also sold numerous slot cars accessories under Gimca brand.


Each car came with clear backing sticker sheet.


In 1977 Takara also sold Titan Command Cars separately under Gimca FMB label.  These Titan cars basically shared the same body as the one that came with Microman Titan Command figures however it came with wheel accessories for the slot car track.

It seems Takara sold these Gimca Titan Command Cars as "prototype" or "first run" cars since they all came in "bare metal" finished.  .Each car also had slot car type bottom (with two metal tabs for electrical contact), a motor unit and adjustable front wheels complete with real rubber tires.  The rear wheels also have battery compartment for small camera battery.  Takara also included with each car a dry cell battery compartment unit that can be mount on top of these Titan Command Cars.


The battery unit is color coordinate to each car windshield color.

F1 Cosmo Rod

F2 Tai Bird

F3 Apo Rod

F4 Magma Rod