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Magne Power Microman Series (1999-2000)

Large Size 12" & 8" Fake Magne Power Microman Toys 

Bootleg toys and unlicensed products are fact of life for many popular (or even unpopular) toys line especially in the Third World nations where copyright law is often ignore.  The bootleg toys are the products of economic necessity.  These toys are cheaply produced and sold at flea market or along the sidewalk.   The bootleg toys are often very interesting in their own right and often came in amusing colors and size.  Here are some samples of bootleg Mange Power Microman toys produced in Asia.    Magne Power was not the first Microman toys to be bootleg, the original line and Micro Change series were heavily bootlegs in the early 80's when the price of Japanese toys were very high and became unaffordable to most other countries in the region.

Note: These toys are being shown for informational purpose only. Microman Forever web site do not support or condone the used of other people copyright property for commercial gain.

** Special Thanks to my friend Jay P. for these "Super Size" fake Magne Power figures **


These fake Magne Powers are about 8" tall.  While only two (Arthur and Odin) are being shown here, this fake line also included the rest of the Magne members (Izam, Edison & Walt)

While the previous fake Magne Power toys were about the same size as the real things, these fake Magne Power toys however came in extra large size.  The first large size fake Magne toys were about 8" tall (interestingly about the same size as Timanic figure).   These figures came in the same color assortment as the real Magne Power Microman figures.  They even came on a bootleg packaging that look almost like Takara Magne Power Microman package.  These figure came with magnetic parts and clear plastic weapons.


If the other Magne Power figures were not big enough, try these giant size Magne Power figure.  These guys stand in at about 12" in height.  The figure even came in special gold plate color!

The second fake Magne Power Microman toys were even bigger.  These figures stand about 12" tall (which made them very interesting standing next to the Henshin Cyborg).  These figures only came with Arthur style head.  The first one came in Odin color scheme while the second one came in gold plated with green legs and arms.   These figures had no magnetic feature