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Magne & LED Powers Series 1999-2001

Fake (Bootleg) Magne Microman Toys and Merchandise 


The fake version is a lot bigger than the real version.

Here is a close up look at one of the accessories.  It's a miniature clear version of Robotman weapon.

*** Special Thanks to Felix Lu at Fantasia Toys for these fake Microman***

Bootleg toys and unlicensed products are fact of life for many popular (or even unpopular) toys line especially in the Third World nations where copyright law is often ignore.  The bootleg toys are the products of economic necessity.  These toys are cheaply produced and sold at flea market or along the sidewalk.   The bootleg toys are often very interesting in their own right and often came in amusing colors and size.  Here are some samples of bootleg Mange Power Microman toys produced in Asia.    Magne Power was not the first Microman toys to be bootleg, the original line and Micro Change series were heavily bootlegs in the early 80's when the price of Japanese toys were very high and became unaffordable to most other countries in the region.

Bootleg Magne Power Microman figures.  These figures were much bigger than the real thing, however they were very highly details.  The figures did not have any of their magnet parts and the chests had clear color plastic ball instead.   The set came with clear plastic weapons which were basically small miniature versions of Robotman Ace's cannon and sword weapons.  (Most likely bootleg from the Kabaya candy toys.)

Along with the fake Magne Microman, the company also produced bootlegs Magne Acroyers.  These figures were about the same size as the real one but they were made from cheap vinyl rubber  with no articulations.  Their heads interestingly had real chrome masks attach to their rubber heads.   The same company also made bootleg version of Robotman Ace, Baron & Cross.  These, however, were almost the same as the real toys but with cheaper quality plastic and poor paint job.

The package for both toys resembles that of the real toys, the bootlegs even used Takara Microman logo and the drawing (copy from the anime) along with the "hand" design.  Note the English word "MICRMAN" missing an "O".  The caption was also copy from Takara packaging but with Microman spells as Micronan.