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1999 Magne Powers Microman Series Exclusive
Clear Mode MagnePowers Microman Premiums


Each clear Microman came package in a small plastic baggie. (hey it was free)



99's Golden Week Department Store Gift :Clear Microman Kirk (7/99) Limited to 1000 pcs.

Takara give away a clear Microman Kirk as Golden Week Special.  He was given out at department stores when customer spend over 3000 Yen at one time on Microman toys.  He is the same figure as Kirk from Spy Heli but with completely clear body with black right arm & lower legs.

Department Store Gift : Clear Microman Keith (9/99) Limited to 1000 pcs.

Clear Microman Keith was also a give-away similar to clear Microman Kirk.  A customer get clear Microman Keith as a gift when he or she spends 3000 Yen on Microman toys.   Unlike Clear Kirk, however, clear Keith come with gold plated head and no magnets!!

Takara Employees Gift : Clear Microman Arthur (11/99) Limited to 500 pcs.

Takara give clear Microman Arthur as a gift to company employees.   The same premium was also given out to lucky winner for BomBom comic book drawing.   Clear Arthur has gold plated head but unlike Keith he still has his magnets.