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1999 Magne Powers Microman Exclusive
Toys R Us Exclusive - Clear Mode Robotman Ace (7/1999)


Back view


The exclusive version included all the weapons of the regular edition but with smoke clear color.

Clear Robotman Ace also came with matching clear red signature weapon part.

Takara released clear red version of Robotman Ace as Toy R Us store exclusive.   At first the idea of another repaint Magne Power Microman toys really didn't sound all that appealing especially a big figure like the magnemo-11 Robotman series.  Robotman Ace, surprisingly was a great looking repaint.  The clear version really made the figure very different than the regular version and was a really nice addition to the Magne Power Microman, unlike some other repaint that Takara was putting out for the line.   The clear red Robotman, like the Bom Bom Ghost Robotman came with a full set of matching clear weapons.   The package was exactly the same as the regular version with just a gold sticker added to the right corner.