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Magne Powers and LED Powers Premiums
Blue MagneArthur PSX (Playstation) Promotion Premium for Generation 2000 Microman Game (3/2000)


Blue Arthur comes package in this plain white mailer box with MagnePower Microman logo sticker on the upper right corner.

Blue version of Microman Arthur was giving out as a winning prize for PSX (Playstation) Microman game Generation2000 drawing.  The game was the second Microman video game for the PSX console.   The premium was actually the last of MagnePower promotional items (the game came out in late December 1999, however the drawing was held in January 2000 and the figures were mailed out in March of 2000.

Blue MagneArthur is basically another repaint of Magne Arthur Microman figure.   The figure came without any magnets and package in a small bubble bag in a plain white mailer box.   Blue MagneArthur was limited to 397 pieces giving out to lucky entry.  The entry form was included with PSX game and must be send in along with a "stamp" found inside BomBom comic book.

Blue MagneArthur Front & back.