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1999 Magne Powers Microman Exclusive
Movie Edition Magne Powers Microman - Movie Theater Exclusive  (7/1999)


Microman Movie Exclusive Magne Powers Microman came in the same package as the regular edition but with magenta sticker to denote that they were the special Movie Editions.

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Takara released three set of toys to commemorate the release of Magne Power Microman Movie.   The first set was the Metallic Edition Magne Powers Microman Set, the second was jig-saw puzzle with Metallic Demon Acroyears, and the third set was anime style Magne Powers Microman.

The anime versions Magne Power Microman were only available at the movie houses that were showing the Magne Power Microman movie.  The figures were sold individually at the theater and not as a set.  Takara, however, short pack Magne Microman Edison (since he was the least popular of the five Magne Microman).  This made Microman Edison the hardest one to locate.

Movie Edition Magne Power Edison was short pack which made him the hardest figure to get in this set. 

Each Anime Edition Magne Power Microman was done in solid color plastics instead of the clear plastics found on the regular versions.  The plastics also had metallic flakes which made them glitter slightly.  Movie Edition Magne Arthur came in red with silver trim instead of white which actually look very nice with the bright red body.  Izam came in pearl white with light purple trim.  Walter came in dark blue with light blue trim.  Odin came in dark gray body with orange trim.  The heads were fully painted in anime style.  

The Anime Edition heads, though looked very similar to the key-chain capsule PVC versions, were actually came from different molds.  The heads were made to be smaller than the chrome head to simulate the fact they were not wearing the helmets, however this made the figures appeared to be slightly out of proportion.