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Front and back view of the Prize Microman figures.

L-R: Odin, Walt, Arthur, Izam and Edison.   

UFO/Prize Microman - Anime style MagnePower Microman (PVC) with Capsule Keychain. (c.1999)

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Takara produced second set of the Prize MagnePower Microman figures for the UFO/Crane game machine.   Unlike the privious UFO Prize this one is not a repaint of the MagnePower toys but rather cheaper PVC figures done in anime style.  However, the prize Microman included a very nice capsule that can be used as a keychain.   The capsule is very well make and will also fit the regular MagnePower Microman figures, even the Super version.

The figures have only head articulation, the magne arm weapon is snap on type and so are the chin guards.   They do however have a 5mm port in their back which would make then a true Microman.

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A details look at the capsules.  

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Even the back of the capsule are have details and not just a plain plastic case.