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1999 Tokyo Toys Fair Promotional Premiums
DemonAcroyers  -  DemonClear, DemonYellow, DemonBlack, DemonPink and DemonPurple (c.1999)

Demon Clear Acroyer (actually more like milky white color)

Back view of Demon Clear.

Special Thanks to Clay Ennis for this rare DemonClear.

99's Tokyo Toy Fair Exclusives : DemonAcroyers - DemonYellow, DemonClear, DemonBlack, DemonPink and DemonPurple (c.1999)

The yellow, pink, clear,smoke and purple color Magne Powers DemonAcroyers were promotional items given to dealers at 1999 Tokyo Toy Fair.   They were pack in a plain white backing blister.   The figure are very hard to find especially in a complete set of five since they were given randomly out to each dealers individually and not as a set.

Each of the exclusive DemonAcroyear come with matching color BB pellets.  Shown above is the Demon Clear BB's.  (the only one I own)

Demon Purple and Demon Yellow this two were on eBay auction right after they were released and went for over $150.00 each.

To the right are all five promotion 99's Tokyo Toy Fair Demon Acroyears.  Picture came from various Japanese Microman web sites.