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2002 Replica Microman Series - SAS Series

SAS (Server-space Attack Service) Micro Devilman - WCC Exclusive (5/14/02) 


SAS Micro Devilman came in black & white version of Micro Devilman box with Microman Zone style deco. The box interestingly had "Takara Cyborg Laboratory" wording on the side.  The back of the box was also change slightly.


SAS Micro Devilman came with gray scale version of the sticker.  Two of the chest numerical stickers were replaced with the "SAS" stickers.

Takara released the fourth SAS Microman figure May of 2002 and it was again an WCC toys show exclusive.  SAS04 was the newly design Micro Devilman (MD60X type) done in the now familiar gray and dark chrome SAS scheme.

SAS 04 came in black and white box similar to the box for regular issue Micro Devilman.  SAS Micro Devilman was done in all dark chrome body with gray pelvic, feet and hands.  The stand and wing accessories were in black.  The chrome body made the joints a little tighter than the standard version however the figure still suffered from the poor design of reissued Microman "barefoot".

Enlarge view of chest stickers section.

SAS Checklist

SAS01 M13X Spy Magician

SAS02 M14X Spy Magician

SAS03 Micro Hoodman

SAS Robotman

SAS-SS Robotman

SAS04 Micro Devilman