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MicroRobot-2 Mecharoid V 

MicroRobot-2 Box. Note the small sticker om the upper right corner denoted the red version in this box.

A meaner MicroRobot with mouth full of missiles courtesy of Microman Command.

Back view of MicroRobot-2

MicroRobot-2 Mecharoid V

Takara released the second MicroRobot in 1977 as part of the Command Series.  MicroRobot-2 or Mecharoid V is basically a repaint version of MicroRobot-1 (Microtron) with a new re-sculpt head.  MicroRobot-2 come in two versions; red and blue.  (See also MicroRobot-1 & Microtron)

MicroRobot-2 with his alternate head

MicroRobot-2 is identical to MicroRobot-1 with the exception of the new color scheme and new head.  Microman Command decided to rebuild MicroRobot and make him a little more aggressive looking.  He also come with full rack of spring-load missile in his mouth (they actually one missile make to look like set of three salvo).  MicroRobot-2 come with the same accessories as the previous MicroRobot-1 including the alternate head.

MicroRobot-2 & MicroRobot-1