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2002 Replica Microman Series

MD 60X - Micro Devilman MD601 Danga, MD602 Dandarian, MD603 Diobolus and MD604 Dataravia (3/02) 


Micro Devilman came packaged in nice small window box.  The box was design to match the vintage packaging for Microman Geeg and Microman Gakeen box.  The back of the box feature Micro Devilman story and picture of him emerging from the crystal prism in space much like Microman Geeg and Microman Gakeen.


Each figure came with Devil Flight Wing and Devilman logo figure stand. MD601 & MD602 had anime style wings while MD603 & MD604 had manga style wing.


Takara gave Micro Devilman extensive stickers to decorate the figure and his "Devil Flight Wing"

MD601 Danga

MD602 Dandarian

MD603 Diobolus

MD604 Dantaravia

Close up

Takara designed two separate heads for Micro Devilman - the heads for MD601 & MD602 were based on the anime design while the heads for MD603 & MD604 were based on the manga (comic book) design.  The anime head came in chrome and metallic blue while the two manga heads came in gold chrome only.

Takara also gave several choices of "look" for Micro Devilman.  One without any sticker so he would look like Microman M10X series, second with strips on the shoulder and third with badge and chest stickers to make him resemble the M11X and M12X series.

Micro Devilman series was finally released in March of 2002 after a long delay.  Micro Devilman became the first new Microman figure base directly on the old design, since the original line ended in 1980.  Micro Devilman also was the first new Microman to be release as part of the old series and was given new MD60X designation.

Micro Devilman was based on the same concept as the old Microman Geeg and Microman Gakeen - Microman who body resemble popular TV show character. Micro Devilman came with two separate head designs - manga look and anime look.  Takara also gave each figure wing pack "Devil Flight Wing" that resembled Devilman wings.  Again Takara design two separate wings one to resemble the manga style and one for the anime.  The anime "Devil Flight Wing" even had Dash Wing-like turbine fan.

Unlike the old series however, Micro Devilman did not have "Super Steel" die-cast body like Microman Geeg & Gakeen.  Instead the body was design to pay homage to the founder series - M10X with the use of clear plastics.   Actually Takara recycle the parts from the reissue M10X barefoot Microman for Micro Devilman.  While this probably most likely done to save cost, it was unfortunate because of the poor re-production of the M10X gave the figure poor stability.   Since the arms were design for short cuff, this gave them poor fitting for the longer cuff used for Micro Devilman.  The feet also lack the 5mm ports.  Takara however gave each figure a nice touch by giving them wing bracelets and anklets.

One small change from the prototype was the switch from mold on plastic belt to the use of sticker to simulate the belt.  This not only eliminated the need for paint and gave the figure that "retro" feel of the vintage series when the figure usually must be decorated by kid using stickers.  While the figure would probably look much better with mold on belt, they did look good with the sticker (which fit on to the pelvic section nicely).   Only complain may be the fact that stickers tended to wear-out and rip.

Aside from the poor fit because of the use of recycle parts from the reissue M10X, Micro Devilman were very nice and well design Microman.  The body and pelvic came from newly design mold and the back even came with 5mm port.  Takara did excellent job at retaining the look and feel of the Original Microman series.

(See also 1976 Super Steel - Microman Geeg and Microman Gakeen)