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1977 Microman Command Series

Microman Command 3 M17X Type - M171 Takuya & M173 Tatsuya (c.1977)


Each figure came package in their capsule and was sold directly out of the display box..  Each capsule was wrap with a rubber band and a small identification tag.

Here is sample tag from Command 3 M173 Tatsuya.

Takara also sold M17X in blister card package attached to Zero-Zero magazine.

This figure was actually an anomaly since it came with Command 2 pelvic.  (The figure was seal in a blister card so it was an actual factory error) 

Microman Command 3 & Lady Command mini-catalog.


Each figure came with chrome Command 3 Rocket Wings and Death Cutter bracelets.

Takara released Microman Command Series in April of 1977 after the released of Titan Commands Series.  Microman Command would became the pinnacle of Microman figure design.  Each Command types were base on Earth historical objects, with the premise that they were ancient Microman that came to Earth in the distance past to instruct Earthling with Microman technology.   

Microman Commands possessed very beautifully design bodies and each came with trademark capsule that based on their geographical origin.  Microman Commands also came with small wings accessories for their legs call Anti-Gravity wings or Anti-Repulsion wings which would made them stood out from the rest of Microman series.  Microman Command 1 or M15X type were released first along with Command 2 M16X type and followed by Command 3 and Lady Command during the second half of 1977.   Each Microman Command type had distinctive design and look that set them apart from other series since they did not shared parts with other types.  Takara sold Command 3 as individual figure in a matching color capsule.  The figures were also package inside blister card and sold attach to Zero-Zero magazine. 

Microman Command 3 design was based on ancient clay statue found in northern Japan.  Microman Command 3, like the rest of the Command series, were based on the idea of alien visitors from outer space that came to instruct Earth's early civilization.  Takara seized on this idea and implied that Microman Command were such aliens from the past.   (Many UFO believers theorized that the clay statue was model after alien astronauts in flight suit.) 

Command 3 came with leg wings call Rocket Wings and glow in the dark chest piece like the previous two Commands.  Command 3 also came with bracelets call Death Cutter that fitted over the wrists.  Command 3 design took on more curve look than the previous two types.  The chest also featured prominent figure-8 or goggles like design made from glow-in-the dark plastic.

Mego released Command 3 as Galactic Defender as part of the Micronauts line in 1978.  Galactic Defenders did not come with the capsule, instead they came with Hoodman-like helmet and a pair of weapon (gun and sword).  Mego Galactic Defender came in mono color body of either gray, white or yellow, also the chest part was not a separate glow-in-the dark piece but was mold into the body.

Takara reissued M17X series in 1999.  The vintage figures can be easily distinguish by better detail chrome heads.

The vintage versions of Microman Command 3 can be distinguish by the much more details head especially around the eyes area.  As you might have noticed, the Command 3 head was base on the original Henshin Cyborg (Cyborg One) head.

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Microman Command 3

M171  Takuya - he is the leader of the group.  His brain contain the universal Super-scientific data circuit of Micro-earth.

M172  Tetsuya - has great knowledge of ancient Japan ruins and Microman activity in the past.

M173 Tatsuya - his body contain super energy data circuit and he is active in the construction of power for Micro-Utopian.

M174 Tsuyoshi - research on theory regarding the origin of life and has great passion for preserving natural environment

Command 3 Story 

Microman Command 1 initiated second investigation of ancient ruins to make the most of the new Command Cars.  They soon discovered new alpha H-7 radiation reaction.  The area was northeastern area of Japan.  Microman dispatched Transfer Fortress Mobile Base to the local sky.  There was earth movement and ancient clay statue emerged from the ground. Inside the statue was outline of a body cover in pale flame.  Microman aimed the portable Spectrum MX cannons on board Transfer Fortress at the statue.  New companion of Microman Commands emerged from the statue and call themselves Microman Command 3.

Prototype of M171

Takara originally planned for M171 to have red and white color scheme but the plan was change and M171 was released with red and black color instead.  If you look at old catalog picture of Command 3 or picture in Legend of Victory Mook, you can spotted this early version of M171 in these pictures.  Actually in one of the Command catalog Takara superimposed black color print on top of the white part of M171.   In 1981, Takara released the red and white version of M17X as M005 Oruga.  Ironically, in the early catalog of New Microman M005 appeared in red and black colors since Takara was using M171 figure for the photo shoot.

M171 Takuya (vintage)

M173 Tatsuya (vintage)

M174 Tsuyoshi (vintage)

Prototype of M171

M171 as he appeared in early Microman Command catalog.

This figure  was made using a vintage New Microman M005 and replaced the green plastic chest piece with the glow in the dark version.