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RETAIL PRICE :  1,500Yen


Microlady2 Series


ML2-01 Microlady Marl


ML2-02 Microlady Eriss


AL-51 AcroGarula


AL-52 AcroSpira








Takara release follow up series to Microlady in September of 2006 as Microlady 2. The second series of all female Microman follow the same format as the first by splitting the series into two sides, Microman side and Acroyear side. Microman side consists of two new characters ML2-01 Marl and ML2-02 Eriss and Acroyear side consists of two new Acroyears AL-51 AcroGarula and AL-52 AcroSpira. This is the only second core Microman series to be released by Takara for 2006 which have seen a big slow down compare to the previous years. 





Microlady 2 series also for the first used the new Microlady Full Action Body Version 2 (Anime Body) for the core line. (The body has been used for Micro Action Series). The new body look great for Microlady and Acrolady figure and give the figure a much more feminine looks. The new body is slightly slender than the old Microlady Full Action Body and has the anime style's look. Ver. 2 body come with even more interchangeable hands including several new un-articulated style hands which not only looks better on the figure, they also provide a much more steady hands for holding weapons and accessories. However, if you prefer the old articulated hands Takara also include them with the new body for total of ten different sets of hands.



MRS400 Blade Carrot

Medical Weapon Mode


Microlady Marl is a clear peach color figure with white painted shoulder, arms and legs. The body utilize the new Microlady Ver. 2 body style which gives the figure a much more feminine and anime feel than the previous ver.1 Microlady body. Marl follow the recent theme of minimalist approach when it comes to the armors and she only sports five armor pieces one bracer, two shoulders and two ankle pieces. The main accessory for her is actually her weapon - the MRS400 Blade Carrot (yes you read it correctly) that also double as vehicle. Blade Carrot is a metallic orange surgical knife or scalpel (hence the name "Blade Carrot") that can be unfolded and transform into either a weapon or a vehicle. Blade Carrot is shown as red color in prototype promotional picture and in the catalog but the actual production toy the accessory is more orange (which is closer to carrot color than the red). I am not sure if this was a production change or the factory error but in either cases the accessory is very well done. There are two modes for the weapon, the first mode, Medical Weapon style, she just wields the giant carrot like a giant chainsaw and the second mode, Mind Capture style, the unit is mount to her wrist bracer via connector. The Mind Capture is used to capture the new "Psycho Acroyear" types that lurk inside human minds.


Mind Capture Mode


Microlady Marl is a very nice figure and the accessory despite the corny name is actually very cool. The figure has nice articulations with all the armors fit well to the body. I always prefer Microman figure that is not busy looking and this figure and her companion Eriss certainly fit the minimalist design approach . It is costly to produce vehicle play-set for action-figure and they are not always sell well at retail, so it is nice to see that Takara is trying to include small vehicle unit with some of the figure. The accessory looks great as either weapon or hover bike and the fact that Takara make them to somewhat resemble human world object is a really nice plus in giving these figures the illusion of being "micro" sizes.


Medical Mover Mode



Microman Catalog Vol.10

ML2-01 Microlady Marl

Marl works in M.I.C.R. Medical Center. She is a nurse and uses her Micro Medical Weapon MRS400 to capture "Psycho Acroyear" that hide inside human mind.

The figure comes with two set of clear peach color hands.

Eriss only came with 4 pieces of armors since the bulk of her accessory is her weapon - Micro Carrot!

The figure also comes with figure stand that include parts for various poses and even a chair to pose figure in sitting position.


microlady marl