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RELEASE DATE : 4/26/2006

RETAIL PRICE :  1,500Yen




Assassin Force Series


AF-11 Microman Shouma


AF-12 Microman Kyoushiro


AF-13 Microlady Yume




AF-12 Kyoushiro

Microman Kyoushiro is the second member of the Assassin Force team. His alter ego is a public rescue team personal but secretly he is a deadly assassins. Kyoushiro is really good at getting out of a tricky situation.

The figure comes with dark gray hands set.

Kyoushiro comes with Shadow Fighter-Tector Beta Armor. The armor gives him limited flight control and comes equip with "Shadow-night" Unit that give wearer 10 seconds of stealth by cutting the optical reflection.


Kyoushiro use his rescue grappling hook as his weapon. The unit can also be use as spinner weapon.

The figure also comes with standard clear Microman figure stand.

Microman Catalog Vol.09

XADO & Assassins Story


One year has passed from the end of the war between Acroyear EXO and Micro-Humanoids. Micro-Humanoids and humans won the war and at last experience the freedom.

But now, they are under new hidden threat.  A new group has emerged after the war and slowly become the power center of Micro-humanoids. The group at first operate under the banner of "justice" and "order" but they slowly changes to "oppression" and "violent".

The mysterious leader of this power politics is Micro-humanoids named Hidou. He has two right hand persons that enforce his power a large Micro-humanoid named Muzan and a shaman lady named Setsuna.

Secretly, the three are actually Ancient Acroyear created by Emperor. They has ability to invade Micro-Humanoids body like a parasite and take over the body of Micro-Humanoids.

One outlaw team know the truth and are fighting back They called themselves...."The Assassins Force". This new Assassin Force is not an actual M.I.C.R. official Force team. While the Assassin Force in M.I.C.R. are out to eradicate the Resistance Microman that oppose the rule of Hidou and his gang. This new Assassins Force is a vigilante group that operate outside the law and they works only for the average Microman who are suffering under the violence, oppression of the new tyranny power that disguises as "justice". The Assassins Force are enforcers, judges and executioners.


Takara begin 2006 for the core Microman line with two new series in April. There are total of six new figures, three for Microman side and three for Acroyear side. Microman series are called the Assassins Force and are based on last year Microman Falcon Assassin Force concept. Acroyear series are called XADO (in keeping with the letter "x" theme). XADO is a pun on Japanese word "jado" which roughly translates to evil way or evil path. Both XADO and Assassins Force are the first Microman 200X to have all Japanese names and are heavily influenced by Japanese theme and designs.  




The new Assassin Force Microman consist of AF-11 Shouma, AF-12 Kyoushiro and AF-13 Yume - a lone Microlady in the group. Unlike Acroyear side, Microlady use the same designation as the male team members. Assassins Force theme is darkness and light, the dual nature of these new Microman. On the surface they are just like any ordinary Microman, but secretly they are assassins that hunt down the Acroyears and oppose the XADO.


Rescue Microman

Kyoushiro is light smoke clear Microman Full Action Body with beautiful silver highlight and gray trim. Kyoushiro has dark chrome head and he comes with dark metallic gray chromed armors set. The armor fit well and look nice on the figure. The shoulder / arm armors are snap on and can snap off if the arm is move around but they stay on pretty good for the most part. The armor come with movable arm that attach to his grappling hook and pulley unit. The yellow pulley isthe only bright color part of all the Assassin figures. The armor and weapon both have several 3mm ports and allow for some nice interchangeability with other Microman accessories.  The shoulder armors can be pose in either up or down and is a nice touch to the simple armor.  The grappling hook is attached to a nylon string and can be retract and extend.