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RELEASE DATE : 4/26/2006

RETAIL PRICE :  1,500Yen




Acroyear XADO Series


AX-41 AcroHidou


AX-42 AcroMuzan


AL-41 AcroSuzetna



AX-41 AcroHidou

AcroHidou is the leader of XADO, the "Evil Path". Hidou has infiltrate Microman politic and under the pretense of peace and justice he has usurps and control Microman's governmental power. AcroHidou comes with his disguise "Microman" head. This alternate head is done in chromed purple.

"Microman Hidou"

The figure comes with dark gray hands set.


AcroHidou's weapon.

The figure also comes with standard clear Microman figure stand.

Microman Catalog Vol.09

XADO & Assassins Story


One year has passed from the end of the war between Acroyear EXO and Micro-Humanoids. Micro-Humanoids and humans won the war and at last experience the freedom.

But now, they are under new hidden threat.  A new group has emerged after the war and slowly become the power center of Micro-humanoids. The group at first operate under the banner of "justice" and "order" but they slowly changes to "oppression" and "violent".

The mysterious leader of this power politics is Micro-humanoids named Hidou. He has two right hand persons that enforce his power a large Micro-humanoid named Muzan and a shaman lady named Setsuna.

Secretly, the three are actually Ancient Acroyear created by Emperor. They has ability to invade Micro-Humanoids body like a parasite and take over the body of Micro-Humanoids.

One outlaw team know the truth and are fighting back They called themselves...."The Assassins Force". This new Assassin Force is not an actual M.I.C.R. official Force team. While the Assassin Force in M.I.C.R. are out to eradicate the Resistance Microman that oppose the rule of Hidou and his gang. This new Assassins Force is a vigilante group that operate outside the law and they works only for the average Microman who are suffering under the violence, oppression of the new tyranny power that disguises as "justice". The Assassins Force are enforcers, judges and executioners.


Takara begin 2006 for the core Microman line with two new series in April. There are total of six new figures, three for Microman side and three for Acroyear side. Microman series are called the Assassins Force and are based on last year Microman Falcon Assassin Force concept. Acroyear series are called XADO (in keeping with the letter "x" theme). XADO is a pun on Japanese word "jado" which roughly translates to evil way or evil path. Both XADO and Assassins Force are the first Microman 200X to have all Japanese names and are heavily influenced by Japanese theme and designs.  



Acroyear XADO consist of AX-41 AcroHidou, AX-42 AcroMuzan and AL-41 AcroSuzetna. (Acrolady follow their own designation, unlike Microman side). All three Acroyears have Japanese motif with Japanese kana (letters) inscribed all over their bodies. The XADO, like the Assassin Force, follow the same design theme as last year 2-pack, Falcon & Manon where each figure only come with nominal amount of accessories. This show that Microman figures do not need to be busy looking and loaded with accessories to be interesting.




Acroyear XADO AX-41 AcroHidou is the first member of XADO and the leader of the group. AcroHidou is a light tan color Microman Full Action body with brown camouflage scheme. He comes with copper plated chest armor harness, shin armors and shoulder armor piece that is actually his sidekick a metallic brown recluse spider. The armors and accessories all fit nicely and the figure has excellent joints and fit.  AcroHidou's Spider armor can be reconfigured in many different ways and the spider leg can even be use as hand replacement claw weapon. The figure come with interchangeable head so the figure can be display as a disguise "Microman". He comes with chromed sword, standard figure stand and dark gray hands set. It is nice to see Takara finally addressing the quality control problems and both the XADO and the Assassins series are some of the best Microman figures.