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MicroArchive - Original Microman Series

Osato Soft Vinyl Doll Robotman  (c.1975-78?)


Vinyl Robotman came package in plastic bag with cardboard paper tag.


Vintage Vinyl Doll Robotman came with this full-color paper insert that detailed Robotman story.




Vinyl doll figures of popular TV and manga characters were common products in Japan and most of Asia in the mid 1970's.  These dolls, often sold at very low price on the sidewalk, at train station, at the festival or at small corner store candy shop, were popular with kids.  Though lacked the sophistication of their "real" toys cousins, these vinyl dolls had very strong nostalgic appeal since they were more likely own by someone when they were a child.


Takara licensed Microman Robotman to Osato toy company.  Osato produced two soft vinyl dolls of Robotman - a red and a blue body color.  Like most vinyl dolls from 1970's, accuracy was not the main concern.  Vinyl Robotman looked like a deform version of his bigger cousin.  The doll stood about 4 1/2" tall with cheap paint job.   These dolls featured dull gray head and gold color cockpit with either red or blue body.   Vinyl dolls from 1970's are very much sought after in Japan collectible market as evidence by the new retro look vinyl doll being produced by several companies in Japan.  Their cheap cost and relatively simple production tooling couple with their nostalgic popularity made them obvious choice for re-issue or re-make.

The dolls had simple but nice details.

Takara also produced updated version of Vinyl Doll Robotman The new Vinyl Doll Robotman were sold as premium items for customer who pre-order the Replica Series Robotman toy. 

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A Family of PVC

Clockwise : Takara Replica Series Vinyl Doll Robotman , vintage Osato Vinyl Doll Robotman and Yujin Capsule (Gashapon) PVC Robotman

Vinyl Doll Robotman (red)

Vinyl Doll Robotman (red)

Vinyl Doll Robotman (blue)

Vinyl Doll Robotman (blue)