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2001 Replica Microman Series

MW 100 Snow - Warp Magazine Exclusive (4/01)


Like most exclusive, Snow came package in plastic baggie with small adhesive label.


MW 100 Snow was offer as Warp Magazine mail-away exclusive.  (Warp Magazine is a Japanese winter sport publication).   The figure is M12X type done in all-white color even the head.  However, the thing that made this figure special is that he came with a 5 mm compatible snowboard accessory.  Takara also include a white stand and all white capsule. The figure is designate as MW (Microman Warp) 100 Snow, it would be nice if Takara would later give him M120 designation so he would be part of M12X series since they did this with M185 Azone which was originally sold as MA001.   Also he would make a nice counter part to M110 Preton who is all black.


MW 100 Snow