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Micro Heritage

SCF Series - Takara SF World ACT-2 Microman (4/2002) 


Like other SCF, each figure came sealed inside a small box.  ACT-2 of Takara SF World series featured Microman Jack and Robotman as box art.

Microman Jack

The main feature of second ACT was Microman Jack from Microman manga.  Jack figure was 1:1 scale and came with removable Dash-Wing.  SAS version (gray color) of Microman Jack was one of the chase figures.

Robotman Drill Tank

ACT-2 second main figure was this Robotman Drill Tank.  The Drill Tank parts can be removed and the body used to form the bonus figure Robotman.   The Drill Tank set also came with head, Microman and canopy parts to make Robotman figure.

Drill Tank parts can be combined without Robotman body to form Drill Set just like the real toy.

Bonus Figure - Robotman

Parts to built Robotman bonus figure came in six separate boxes.   (So only six of the twelve boxes in the display carton had the parts for Robotman figure).  The feet can be taken apart just like the toys to pose the figure in walking mode.  The figure was not very big and only stand about an inch taller than the Yujin gashapon PVC figure.   There was also clear version of Robotman bonus figure.

Standard Figures

Clear & Yellow Microman (with phone)

Blue & Orange Microman (with phone)

Red Star Acroyear

Silver Star Acroyear

Blue Star Acroyear


Gold Cyborg 1

Blue Cyborg 1

Gray Cyborg 1

Silver Cyborg 1


Devil-man Henshin Cyborg

Microman Jack

Robotman Drill Tank

Chase Figures

SAS Microman Jack

Green Star Acroyear

Bonus Figures


Clear Robotman


Act-2 of Takara SF World SCF (Super Collection Figure) shifted the focus to their next sci-fi toys line - Microman.   There were total of six figurines from Microman toys line, one from Microman manga and the five came from Henshin Cyborg.  The bonus figures were Robotman in painted version and clear version.  The bonus figures, like the previous set were split into various parts.   However, Robotman only made up six separate parts so only half of the boxes in a display box contained the bonus pieces.   There appeared to came in a fix order, the head and chest canopy always came with the Drill Tank (which also contained the body), the arms came with Microman & telephone, and the feet and pelvic came with the Acroyears.   Since the body came as part of the Drill Tank, the box with clear Robotman bonus figure would have Clear Drill Tank.  The two chase figurines were SAS version of Microman Jack and Green Acroyear.   ACT-2 of SCF Takara SF World while provided some interesting look at Takara toys cast in PVC, one can not help but feel Takara could have pick better subject to be depicted in PVC.

SCF Display Box came with twelve boxes of SCF toys.  The box caption read "Welcome to the World of Microman, the World of Interchangeable"


Second in SCF: Dramatic Edition series - Microman "In Giant World".  Mini Microman scene from the catalog returned in ACT-2 with four Microman investigated a telephone.   There were two variations - one with clear & yellow Microman and one with blue & orange Microman.


Dramatic Edition of Acroyears "Emerge from Bottom of Polluted Sea".  ACT-2 also came with another Microman scene, this time the scene depicted Acroyear came out of their contaminated crystal capsule from bottom of the polluted sea.  There were four variations - Red Star Acroyear, Blue Star Acroyear, Silver Star Acroyear and Green Star Acroyear.  The Green Star version was one of the chase figures for this set.

Henshin Cyborg 1 also returned in ACT-2.  This time in Super Cool Edition format that depicted Cyborg 1 triumph over Alien Invader Z.  There were four versions of Cyborg 1 - gray, gold, silver and blue.

ACT-2 also came with a new Henshin Cyborg figure - Cyborg in Devil-man costume.  The figure was pretty much simple PVC figure with no removable parts or articulations.  The reason for Devilman was probably to tie in with the recently released Micro Devilman figures.

The Chase Figures

The two chase figures for ACT-2 were SAS Microman Jack and Green Star Acroyear.  Unfortunately, there was no chase figure in the display box I got.