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2002 Replica Microman Series 

Robot Station 2002 Exclusive - The Power Up of Robotman Set (5/2002)


Power Up of Robotman Set came in blue window box (same packaging style as the other Historical Set - "The Birth of Acroyear")

The box had 2001 Victory Series logo and Robot Station 2002 logo.


Each figure came in "New Microman" style capsule. (Black color with clear lid)

Takara included Spy Magician accessories and two clear figure stands.  

The set also came with white version of Acroyear accessories - roller arms, Acro-bazooka, roller wheel and two chrome missiles.

"The Power Up of Robotman" was sold at Nagoya Matsusaka store during the Robot Station 2002 event on May 1st, 2002.

"The Power Up of Robotman" Set consisted of chrome plated Microman Spy Magician M13X Type and all white color Acroyear A30X Type. The set was a follow up to last year "Historical Series" - "Birth of Acroyear". The history behind the Robotman's Power-Up set was set around the time of Robotman getting the upgrade. Microman sense an imminent war with Acroyear, decided that they need to improve Robotman's speed and power so they can protect Earth. In order to do this they used Spy Magician's technology to improve Robotman's artificial brain. By using special chip and motherboard logic, they could increase Robotman's throughput of powers. However, the chip was very unstable and in order to install the chip the process has to be done in special field. Head of the project, Douglas decided to undertake the work of installing the chip. He devised special body coating that allowed him to safely work in the field. However, during that time the alarm was sound and an intruder appeared inside Microman's base. The intruder was Acroyear using special mode that allowed him to blend with the color of the lab base (white).

Both figures in this set were quite beautiful, especially the chrome M13X Douglas since he was reminiscence of the old premium gold plated M131.  The all white version of Acroyear was quite unusual and a big contrast from the normal black color.

Chrome Microman M13X Douglas- The Robotman's Power-Up Set

Power-Up of Robotman Set - White Camouflage Acroyear A30X.