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2001 Replica Microman Series

Replica Robotman (3/2001)


Robotman came package in window box designed to look like the original packaging from 1975.  Note both the Microman logo and Henshin Cyborg logo on each side next to the big Robotman logo.


Takara replicated the toys right down to the working motor and switch.  Takara planned to re-issue the Drill Set and Dozer Set accessories also.

The back of the instruction sheet depicted Robotman fighting along side Microman and Henshing Cyborg against the Walders and Acroyears.  Robotman was originally plan as part of Victory Series project - an attempt by Takara to bridge Microman and Cyborg lines.

Vinyl Robotman Doll

Takara produced vinyl doll Robotman as special mail-away premium for collectors that pre-order their Robotman from specialty hobby shop.  Also as a bonus for collector who ordered re-issue Robotman from Takara e-Hobby shop website, Takara offered clear vinyl Robotman doll as a mail-away premium.  The doll cost 2000 Yen plus handling fee with purchase of re-issue Robotman.

Takara released the replica version of Robotman in March of 2001.  The re-issue of Robotman was a big leap for Replica Microman Series which thus far only re-issue the small action figures.  Takara probably saw the declining interest in the Replica line so they decided to re-issue one of the most memorable and most recognizable (not to mention most desirable) toy from original Microman series.

Replica Robotman

The decision to re-issue Robotman came as a bit of a surprise since the toy was a very big piece and Takara was in the mid of financial trouble.  Takara no longer had the mold for Robotman and all the pieces must be re-sculpt from scratch.  Takara displayed the resin mock-up at various toys show to gain interest for several months before they actually had the final production unit.  The end result was very good.  The re-issue Robotman was very close to the original.   While Mego Micronauts version had very bright blue color, the re-issue had the same pale blue as the original Takara Robotman.  To be sure, the re-issue Robotman was not an exact copy of the original but from casual observing they were nearly identical.  The head seems to be a little smaller than the original and some parts were not interchangeable with the vintage toys.

While this was an excellent replica of the old toys,  Takara high price point probably will limit the sale of this piece.  (Takara retailed the replica Robotman for 9800 Yen which was about 90.00)   Takara also didn't included many "extra" with the re-issue beside the foldout poster and instruction sheet.  The connectors were missing also the original cardboard die-cut parts that could had been easily included with this re-issue.  However for about 90.00, you will get a brand new Robotman completed with shiny chrome heads and hands and a working motor which is certainly a lot easier than trying to find MIB Biotron and definitely cheaper than the usual $800 or more price tag of original MIB Robotman on Yahoo Japan.

Takara re-issue Robotman came with clear cockpit and shiny chrome head just like the original vintage version.  Mego version of Robotman (Biotron) came with brighter blue color and smoke clear cockpit and dull chrome.