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2000 Replica Microman Series
Spy Magician M13X Type - M131 Dick, M132 Dan, M133 Danny and M134 David (11/2000) & Custom M139 Dean M.A.F.F. Microman Spy Magician. 


Takara reproduction Spy Magician M13X series package. 


Each figures came with smoke clear Microman stand, white "L" connector and a pair of Spy Magician bracelets and wands.

Custom Microman Spy Magician

M.A.F.F. Comics and custom M139 Dean Spy Magician


M131 Dick & M132 Dan

M133 Danny and M134 David 

M131 Dick - Spy Expert.  Leader of the SpyMagician.

M132 Dan - Smart, has an ability to decipher code, always takes initiative in risky mission.  Waiting his rotation as Spy Magician leader. 

M133 Danny - Very meticulous, superb marksmanship and an explosive expert.

M134 David - Easy going, love to nap, but always manage to acquire useful information

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Takara released reproduction of M13X Spy Magician one year after the release of M14X type.   It was to be expected that Takara would eventually reissue this series of figures even though they were reissued by Romando just a few years ago.  Since Romando ceased production of in 1997, M13X series was still much sought after by collectors.

Takara did not used the Romando molds but actually commissioned a brand new mold for the body.  Takara M13X is definitely better construct than Romando Microman21 version, especially the chrome chest pats.  The chest chrome while is not an exact copy of the original is much better finished than Romando.  Takara however did cut some corner when it come to accessory, M131 and M134 came with white "L" connector instead of the matching color one. (The "L" connector for this series suppose to match the pelvic color).   Minor gripe aside, it is wonderful that Takara made these figures again available to collectors and fans.  (Takara also released Clear Mode version as Toys R Us exclusive)

MAFF Spy Magician Custom

During the hiatus period of Microman series between 1985 and 1995, many Japanese fans produced their own Microman comics, garage kit toys and even Microman RPG to fill in the void left by lack of new official product from Takara.  One of the most notables was a group of fans call M.A.F.F. or Microman Advance Fabricate Frame.  M.A.F.F produced self publish manga (a hobby that is very popular in Japan), fan newsletters and even a super-details RPG game complete with rules books and weapons guide.  M.A.F.F. also produced original artworks and even produced compilation of their comics in pocket book style resemble that of original Kodanshya TV Magazine Microman manga.  To the left is a picture of two M.A.F.F manga books and custom figure of M139 Spy Magician who is a main protagonist in these books. (Special thanks to Bryan Wilkinson of Microman Rocket Tubes for getting me M.A.F.F materials.  Bryan is currently working on a plan to introduce US Microman / Micronauts fans group call Generation M that will be doing original "Micro" custom projects.  Check his site for information)