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2001 Replica Microman Series

MicroHoodman H72X Type - H721 Heilman, H722 LIhaout & H723 Cardel (6/2001)




Replica H72X came in the later Police Keeper style case just like the vintage version.   Takara however added the clear "MICRO HOODMAN" sticker on the lid.

Each figure came in plastic baggie seal with white label.  The label had the company information, barcode and the figure name and designation.  (Similar to Replica MicroKnight packaging)  


H72X replica Hood armor.  The Hoods came in clear plastic with green wing. H721 had clear yellow tint back, H722 had clear green tint back and H723 had clear blue tint back instead of the chrome back found on the first two series H70X and H71X. The Hood armor was inspired by astronaut suits.

Takara, regrettably, did not include the figure stand with Replica MicroHoodman.


Takara re-issued MicroHoodman series as part of Replica Microman line in spring of 2001.  H70X type and H71X type were released together in April and H72X came out in June. 

Takara's decision to re-issue MicroHoodman came as a bit of a surprise because Hoodman was never deem to be on top of the Replica Series wish-list with the exception of the last Hoodman series - the H72X Type.  Vintage H72X were very rare and hard to find and used to command very high price.  The main factor for the re-issue of Hoodman was probably because Takara still had most of the original molds to produce the figure.  Replica Series Hoodman figures were nearly identical to the original and appeared to came from the old molds with the exception of upper legs and anklet pieces.  Takara, however, did re-cast a new head for H72X type (probably because they no longer had the mold).  The new head was very close to the original however it no longer had the hollow out eyes.   The figures colors were very closed to the original with slight variation on some parts.

Micro Hoodman H72X Type 

H72X Type MicroHoodman were stationed along the asteroid belt in the Solar System to monitor the activities of Ardens and Acroyears.  These Hoodman had upgraded their Hood technology with Microman technology.

(See Also MicroDesign 1978 MicroHoodman Series)

Comparison New & Old

 Left is a vintage H721 and right is the replica version.  Note the replica head came from a re-cast mold and the eyes were not hollow out like the vintage version.

Beside the eyes, the new head was nearly identical in look to the original vintage head.  Only by looking at the small detail on the back of the head that one can tell the reproduction version head had lost some of the finer details.

H721 Heilman - expert medical doctor.  He has gold plated body with white arms.  

Unlike the first two series, H72X came with chrome plated head, bodies and legs (except H723 whose legs were neon orange).

H722 Lihaout - superb scientist.  He has chrome silver body with black arms, a very nice combination.

H723 Cardel - expert in fighting skill. He has the most unusual color scheme of the three, he came with chrome blue body with neon orange legs and blue arms.