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1999 Replica Microman Series
Microman Spy Magician M14X - M141 Henry, M142 Hudson, M143 Holms, M144 Howard (12/1999) 


Replica Microman M14X was sold in an individual window box.  The box was also made to look like the original 1976 packaging for the Spy Magician. 


Each figure came with two sets of Spy Magician wands and bracelets. (The vintage version came with three sets)

Each M14X figure came with a replica of "L" connector.  The "L" connectors were color coordinated to match the figure shin color just like the vintage version.


M141 Henry

M142 Hudson

M143 Holms

M144 Howard

The reissue SpyMagician come in a very nice reproduction box.  The box however are not personalize to each member but rather a generic box for all four and most likely will be used if and when Takara reissue the M13X (first type SpyMagician).   Unlike the original, the insert tray inside the box are not color but rather clear plastic.   Takara included all the accessories that come with the original - Spy bracelets, Magician wands and the L-type connector.   The L-type connector are color coded just like the original - i.e. M144 Howard come with yellow and M142 Hudson come with black while the other two are off-white.   Takara however only included 2 sets of wands and bracelets (the original come with three sets).    The original concept behinds the wand and bracelet was so that kid could train others Microman to become SpyMagician and give them the special wand and bracelet when they complete the training to signify SpyMagician status.   Instead of the third set, Takara  included a nicely made plastic display stand that not only have Microman logo but also color coordinate to each M14X torso plate.

The reissue are very well made and probably one of the best in 1999 Replica Microman line up.  The colors and details are closely match with the original.  The head only suffer minor lost of details.  To casual observer they would appear to be identical to the vintage figures.

Takara for the first time included color matching stands for these figures.  They would later do this for all the subsequence Replica Microman. (With the exception of MicroKnight since their cases built in figure stand)

M14X SpyMagician

CRIM - Intelligence Section (formerly MCIA)

M141 Henry - Naval and military scientist, make weapon design for the benefit of information gathering activities.   (naval intelligence officer)

M142 Hudson - Expert sociologist, gather information and profile study of Acroyears. (terrorist psychologist and profiler)

M143 Holmes - field medical expert, well aquatinted with emergency procedures and poison sickness.   (field medic and poison gas expert)

M144 Howard - teacher of infiltration methods.   Expert in insertion and extraction of Microman Spy Magician probe teams.  (probe team leader)