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MYCLONE (Micron) Series

AS-01 Microman & Cyborg (7/2002)


AS-01 Microman

MYCLONE (Micron) Series


AS-01 (7/02)
Microman & Cyborg


AS-02 (12/02)
Acroyear & Cyborg


AS-03 (1/03)
Transformers #1


AS-04 (3/03)
Transformers #2


AS-05 / TF AS-03 (7/03) 
Transformers #3


AS-06 / SF AS-03  (8/03)

Shonen Cyborg


AS-???? (10/03)

Tsubaraya #1

Other MYCLONE Series

AniMYCLONE (12/02)

ZenMYCLONE (04/03)
Wind-up Motor MYCLONE

Exclusive MYCLONE




Takara released the first series of MYCLONE AS-01 in July of 2002.  The first assortment consisted of block-style super-deform (SD) characters from Microman Zone and Henshin Cyborg series. MYCLONE AS-01 can be divided into four separate subgroups - Microman (M-M), Cyborg (MC, MW, MH & MK), Android A (MR & MA) and basic block figure (MS).

MYCLONE was sold as a trading-card style collectible.  Each figure came inside a sealed individual box with twelve box per display case. 


MYCLONE AS-01 Check-list


Basic Figures


M-M101 Microman George
M-M102 Microman Jack
M-M103 Microman Jesse
M-M104 Microman John
MC002 Silver Cyborg 1

MW002 Purple Walder 1

MH011 Peace Man M

MA011 Dorometic Seijin

MR011 Mycroid V-1

MR012 Mycroid V-2

MK011 Dako-King

MS011 Cyborg Lab


Secret Figures


MC001 Gray Cyborg 1
MW001 Blue Walder 1

MA012 Dorometic Seijin (green)

MS021 Takara Logo (old)



Microman : M-M101, M-M102, M-M103 & M-M104




Microman group consisted of only one series - M-M series. The M-M series had four block figures based on the original four Founder Microman from Microman Zone series - M-M101 Microman George, M-M102 Microman Jack, M-M103 Microman Jesse and M-M104 Microman John.  Each figure was done in translucent color with beautiful metallic chest plated and chrome head.

MC002 Cyborg-1, MH011 Peaceman M, MK011 Dako-king & MW002 Purple KW




The Henshin Cyborg group consisted of four different series - MC for Cyborg-1, MW for Walder, MH for Transforming Cyborg and MK for Walder Monster. There were two figures in MC series MC001 Grey Cyborg-1 which was one of the four secret chase figures and MC002 Silver Cyborg-1.  There were also two figures in MW series MW001 Blue King Walder which was also a secret figure and MW002 Purple King Walder.  Both Cyborg and King Walder came with replacement weapon arms and removable humanoid head. MH series and MK series, each only contained one figure MH011 Peaceman M and MK011 Dako-king. Both were original designs inspired by the 70's style costume hero and monster.

MR011 Mycroid V-1,  MR012 Mycroid V-2, MA011 Dorometic Seijin (red), & MA012 Dorometic Seijin (green) - secret figure




The Android group consisted of two series - MR for Android A robot and MA for the Alien Invader.  MR series contained two figures MR011 Mycroid V-1 and MR012 Mycroid V-2. The Invader MA series also contained two figures MA011 Dorometic Seijin (red) and MA012 Dorometic Seijin (green) which was a secret figure.

MS011 Cyborg Lab



The MS series appeared to be generic MYCLONE block figure with various Takara logo and emblem. There were two figures in MS series for AS-01 - MS011with Cyborg Lab logo and MS012 with Takara old company logo (70's style) which was a secret figure.