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MicroArchive - Original Microman Series

Microman Club "Crew of Spirited Boys" Case - TV Magazine Microman Club Premium (c.1977)

Club Logo

The case featured colorful "Crew of Spirited Boys" logo.


One of the harder to find Microman premium from the late 70's was a TV Magazine Microman Club premium cardboard case. Since the case was made from cardboard, it was very difficult to find a sample in good condition.  (Only few cases are known to survive.)  The case (used as book or stationary case) was a simple case with snap button adorned with colorful Microman Club logo - Crew of Spirited Boys.  Microman Club was started in 1977 during the height of Microman popularity by TV Magazine (who was the publisher of Microman manga).   A fan can join Microman Crew of Spirited Boys Club by sending in the offer inside TV Magazine along with 200 Yen.  In return, one would get letter welcoming to the club and a special club member gift - a key-chain with miniature die-cast gun that can also be used as screwdriver and a patch.   Club members were entitled to special offers such as the mail-away premium Microman figure or this paper case.

Microman Club case measured about 10" X 7.5" X 1" and made from cardboard.  The front of the case featured Microman Club logo and snap button.

The back of the case also featured club logo.