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2000 Replica Microman Series
Toys R Us Exclusive Glitter Mode MicroKnight - MC8 Silver, MC9 Gold, MC10 Iron and MC12 Copper (10/2000) 


Glitter Mode MicroKnight Set


Glitter Mode MicroKnight capsule

Each Glitter Mode MicroKnight came with assortments of accessories.

Glitter Mode MC8 & MC9

Glitter Mode MC10 & MC12

Takara released special version of MicroKnight call "Glitter Mode" as Toys R Us exclusive.  This was a change from their usual "Clear Mode" series.  (Takara did plan "Clear Mode" MicroKnight but it appeared to have been put on hold).  Glitter Mode is actually a different process used to chrome the figures.  Instead of the usual smooth gloss finish, Takara added textures to the surface this result in "glitter" looking body.  The surface also look like an unpolished metal surface and gave these figures highly unusual look.

While the "Glitter Mode" actually produced a very nice looking figure the effect seems to be not as obvious on theses MicroKnight since they were already chrome body to begin with.  Takara would later offered "Glitter Mode" Command Leaders, and these really gave the figures quite a different look.   If you have not gotten the Replica MicroKnight or already had the Romando one, then it might be worth while to pick up this set since they are a bit different.    Also as a bonus Takara gave each Glitter Mode MicroKnight smoke clear Police Keeper case and also included with each figures Glitter version of MicroSword, MicroLance and Police Keeper shield.  The Pulsar Shot that came with Glitter Mode MicroKnight was molded in dark gray plastic instead of the usual black color. (Their feet was also mold in matching gray color).

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