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  2000 Replica Microman Series
Microman Zone : Clear Mode M11X Type (6/9/00) & Clear Mode M12X Type (7/9/00) Japan - Toys R Us Exclusives



Each figure comes with clear capsule, clear reissue type stand and white "L" connector.


M11X Sticker Sheet

M12X Sticker Sheet

Each figure also come with a replica sticker sheet.

Crystal M111 Bobson

Crystal M112 Barnes

Crystal M113 Bobby

Crystal M121 Mason

Crystal M122 Michael

Crystal M124 Max

Crystal M114 Blacky

Crystal Mode M11X Toys R Us Exclusive 

Takara released two more "Crystal Mode" Series Microman - the recently reissue M11X type & the M12X type.   Both set follow the previous trend and are available as Toys R Us (Japan) Exclusives.

Crystal Mode M11X come in the similar style package as the Solid M10X barefoot (which was also Toys R Us Exclusive).  The background of the package depict picture of Earth from space.  There is a significant for the picture of Earth, this is because both the M11X and the M12X were revived by Spectrum MX ray inside the planet Earth - literally; M11X were revived inside Earth core and M12X were revived inside the Earth crust

Crystal Mode version of M11X is quite interesting since none of the members originally come in clear color.   However this and the M12X set will probably get lost in the sea of Takara Microman repaints.  Crystal M111 Bobson comes in a very nice clear cobalt blue color and Crystal M114 Blacky is done in smoke color.  Each figure also come with crystal clear capsule, clear stand and replica sticker sheet.

Crystal Mode M12X Toys R Us Exclusive

Crystal Mode M12X come in the same style package as Crystal M11X

Solid M123 Miller

For more information about M11X & M12X Microman please check the following links.

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(See also Microman Reissue Series - M12X Type)

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