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2000 Replica Microman Series
Toys R Us Exclusive Clear Mode Series - M13X Spy Magician (10/6/00) 


Toys R Us Clear Mode M13X came in a very nice package similar in design to vintage Spy Magician box.


Each figure came with two set of wands and bracelets , white "L" connector and smoke clear stand.

Toys R Us Clear Mode Series

Solid Mode M10X

Clear mode M17X

Clear Mode M18X

Clear Mode M11X

Clear Mode M12X

Clear Mode M25X

Clear Mode M13X

Clear Mode M15X

Clear Mode M16X

Clear Mode M131 Dick & M132 Dan

Clear Mode M133 Danny & M134 David

Takara released Clear Mode M13X on October 6th 2000 as part of the on going Toys R Us Clear Mode series of Microman.  The M13X, however, broke new ground by having the figure done completely in clear plastic (with the exception of hands and feet).   Previous clear mode figures had clear body but solid pelvic and shin sections.   The all clear figures made the Clear Mode series much more interesting.  Many of the prototype vintage Microman were done in all clear plastic much like these M13X clear mode figures. 

Clear Mode M13X are really beautifully done.  The set came package in box that resemble the old vintage Spy Magician box.  While these figures do not come with capsules (original Spy Mage did not come with capsule), they did include the usual Spy Magician accessories set of two Spy Bracelets and Magic Wands, "L" connector (white) and smoke clear figure stands.

Takara made a brand new mold for the body section of M13X instead of using the mold that was made by Romando.  The rest of the body came from reproduction version of M11X & M12X.   It was not a surprise that Takara reissued M13X type since they already have most of the parts for it.   Clear Mode Set of M13X type made a nice addition to this particular series since the only clear body so far is the elusive M130 Dio issued by Romando back in 1997.  (Only 200 M130 Dio were issue by Romando).