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2001 Replica Microman Series

Toys R Us Exclusive Clear Mode Microman Command 2 M16X  Type (3/?/01)



Toys R Us Exclusive Clear Mode M16X package


Each figure came with matching capsule. M164 capsule is almost opaque.

Each figure came with standard Command 2 gold Anti-Repulsion wings and clear Microman figure stand.

Takara followed the Clear Mode M15X Command 1 with Clear Mode Command 2 M16X in March of 2001.  The set was sold as Toys R Us store exclusive.

M163 Smith, which was a clear green figure in normal mode, is now done in solid green color with clear yellow pelvic and shins. It was quite interesting to see good old Pharoid in green color.  But what even more interesting however was M164 Sammy.  He came in unusual dark semi-opaque color.  It was unclear why Takara chose this color for M164, perhaps the clear gray color would be too close to smoke clear color or they just wanted to give Sammy a distinctive color.   Regardless of the motive, Clear Mode M164 is a very beautiful looking figure, his body looks like a dark grayish-blue gemstone.

Each figure came with standard Command 2 Anti-Repulsion wings, clear figure stand and matching color capsule.  While this set, especially with beautiful color Sammy and solid green Smith, made it quite interesting there are growing sense that collectors in Japan were getting tired of the Clear Mode. Many of the old Clear Mode sets were still on most of the Toys R Us shelves and both Clear Mode Command 1 and Command 2 received with little interest among Japanese collectors.  Some collector in Japan fear that due to poor sale Takara would reverse back to extreme limited number policy.

Takara had already put on hold plan for Clear Mode Micro Knight.  They, however, did show Clear Mode Micro Hoodman in Hyper Hobby magazine to see if there was enough interest to warrant the production.  

M16X Microman

M161 Sheriff - well acquainted with the lay of the land.   Superb geographical knowledge.  He have special ability ray that can form rock.

M162 Sander -  knowledgeable about the underground geology.   Also have superb knowledge about earth historical ruins.

M163 Smith - have ability to control natural phenomenon.  He used his special power to study natural environment.

M164 Sammy - superb memory.  He has photographic memory and can recall any event in the past.  His ability is helpful in investigation.

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