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2002 Replica Microman Series

Clear Mode Micro Hoodman H70X Type - Toys R Us On-line Exclusive (8/2002)


Clear Mode Hoodman came in a flap panel window box.




Clear Mode H70X came in smoke clear capsule. (Same as the Glitter Mode Micro Knight)

Back view

Clear Mode Micro Hoodman H70X set was proposed in late 2001 just as Replica Microman line was winding down.  It was assumed that the set would be yet another Toys R Us store exclusive since they had been doing all the "Clear Mode".  However, Replica Microman line was doing poorly by late 2001 and with many of the Toys R Us Clear Mode set still glutting many of the stores in Japan the plan for Clear Mode Hoodman was shelved.

Clear Mode Hoodman L-R H701, H702 & H703

By 2002, Replica Microman series was reduced to just one wide-release series - the much delay MD60X Type Micro Devilman.  The rest of the releases were limited to either toys show exclusive or Takara own e-Hobby store.   Toys R Us decided to release the Clear Mode Hoodman H70X as their on-line store exclusive in August of 2002.   The original plan to release a new member H704 was scrap and only three Clear Mode Hoodman H701, H702 and H703 were released as part of the box set.

Clear Mode version of H70X came with clear Hood (instead of clear yellow) and the heads were chrome instead of painted.  The small wing was also done in clear plastic.  Interestingly, Takara followed the original normal mode color schemes and produced Clear Mode H701 and H703 with different shade of colors between their bodies and their arms.