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BACK TO HENSHIN CYBORG Henshin Cyborg - Shonen 2000 Series
Blue Shonen Cyborg & Yellow King Walder Jr. (8/2000) 


Blue Shonen Cyborg and Yellow King Walder Jr. come in the same package as the previously release internet exclusive Shonen Cyborg VS King Walder Jr. Set.  However, the two figures were sold separately and not as a set. 


Blue Shonen came with clear humanoid head and KW Jr. came with yellow KW head.  Each figure also came with a set of closed-fist replacement hands.

Blue Shonen Cyborg

Yellow King Walder Jr.

Takara released blue version of Shonen Cyborg and yellow version of King Walder Jr. in August of 2000.   These figures were reissue of old Shonen Cyborg from early 70's.  (Note: KW Jr. was never sold in Japan but was available as Muton in England as part of Denny Fisher line).  Takara had previously released silver version of Shonen Cyborg and blue King Walder Jr. two-pack set as on-line e-Shop Exclusive.