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2000 Reissue Series
M111 Series Capsule Microman Reproduction (4/2000)



M111 Keychain wing (front view)

M113 Keychain wing (back view)

Microman figure stand (smoke clear)

Each figure come with white "L" connectors


Each member come with specific color capsule just like the original vintage version of the M11X, however the Capsule stickers are generic and not character specific like the original and Takara switch the M111 & M112 capsules. (M111 suppose to have orange capsule while M112 should be red.  Also note the same error was made on the Microman Trading Cards)

M112 Barnes

M113 Bobby

M114 Blacky


Reissue M11X come with replica of the original sticker sheet.  The sticker sheet come with sticker for all the members of the M11X type. This is a great added bonus since many of the vintage M11X do missing the sticker sheet.  (Note the vintage version come with the extra chest sticker already applied to the figure plus the sticker sheet)



M111 Bobson

Takara reissues the reproduction version of M11X Capsule Microman in April of 2000.  M11X reissue come on a very nice Microman-Zone style removable blister card.  The card back also show the upcoming M12X reissue.

Reissue M11Xs are very closed to the original vintage toys.  The head of M11X is the same as the one from the recently reissue M14X (since they share the same head design).  The head lost some details and appears to be slightly smaller than the original vintage version.  The body is a very closed reproduction of the original with just some slight difference in the details.  The color is almost exact replica of the original figures.  It's must be note that back in 1970's Takara revised M111 Bobson and gave him a lighter blue color for the subsequence released.  The version Takara pick to reproduce however is the original first run version from 1975 which is a dark blue tone.  Also the shoes on M11X was also revised in 1976 to be longer and this is the version Takara reissues.  The shoes were probably lengthen to add stability to the figure.

Here is a comparison between the vintage M111 (first version) and the reissue M111.  Note the slightly different in the width of the chest & torso section.

Takara also included all the original accessories for M11X series, the capsules and the "L" connector.  The capsules are reproduced with the same specific color of the vintage version.  Takara even reproduce the sticker from the vintage M11X capsule but without the specific name & designation.   The "L" connectors however comes only in white, while the original come in color matching the figure pelvic (i.e. M114 Blacky would have yellow "L" connector).

Besides the original accessories, Takara also included two "extra" bonus accessories, the first is a smoke clear stand (Takara seems to start a new trend since the M14X Reissue by including a Reissue Series stand with each figure), the second bonus which also the one that Takara count on to get collector to buy the M11X Reissue even if they already own the original is the exclusive key-chain wing.  The wing came in a matching color with the figure.  The key-chain wing is a reproduction of the original 1976-77 premium promotion.

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