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1979 RESCUE Original Microman Series
Rescue Team M25X Type - M251 Robin, M252 William & M253 Richard (c.1979)


All three M25Xs (M251, M252 & M253) were available for individual sale.  Each figure came package in white Rescue style dome capsule.


M25X came with standard Rescue Pulsar Gun and Energy backpack.

Exclusive Pack-in M25X

M254 Stuart (vintage) This figure was sold with Microman Rolling Thunder.  It was originally sold without any designation.  Takara finally gave this figure a name and designation in 2002.



M251 Robin, M252 William & M253 Richard (vintage)

M25X Type was released during the first half of 1979 for the Rescue Microman series along with M26X type.   M25X Type shared the same basic body parts as the M26X and also the subsequent M27X and M28X.

M251, M252 & M253 were sold individually in white Rescue capsule.   M251 Robin was also sold as pack-in figure for Rescue Command Jetter vehicle and Rescue 1-2 Jetter-Bongo Set.  M252 William was sold as two-pack set with Rescue Servo Man - Missiler. Not until after the release of M27X and M28X during the second half of 1979 that Takara would used  the idea of "exclusive" pack-in figure as an incentive to buy playset and vehicle.   This tactic of offering special color figure as an exclusive pack-in would continued through Microman Punch year and eventually on to the New Microman series.  In 1980, Takara released Rolling Thunder with blue/red M25X figure.  This figure was not given any designation number or name at the time but when Romando reissue M25X type in 1997 the figure was named Wayne and given M254 designation.  Romando also released new member call M255 Wilder however this figure number was override when Takara reissued M251, M252 and M253 in 1999 as part of Replica Microman Series along with three new member - M255 Steve, M256 Virgil and M257 Charles.  Takara, however, purposely skip reissue of M25* figure that came with Rolling Thunder.  M254, now renamed Stuart by Takara, was to be reissued in late 2002 as e-Hobby on-line exclusive.


New Microman M007 Kiruku (vintage) & Microman 21 M255 Wilder by Romando

M25X Checklist






dark blue/white



light blue/white





Kiruku white/blue

*Note : M254 was sold with Rolling Thunder as an un-named figure.  This figure was then designated as M254 Wayne by Romando in 1997 and later as M254 Stuart by Takara in 2002. 

Takara also released M25X type as M007 Kiruku during 1981-84 New Microman series.  M007 was sold individually in New Microman capsule and as pack-in with Air Gander (Micro Gander - 3 ).

(See also Romando reissued M25X - 1997 Microman21 Rescue Set.)

(See also Takara re-issued M25X - 1999 Replica Microman Series.)