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Micro Archive 1974-1984

TV Magazine Present - Microman Collectible Cards (c.1978?)




Original Microman and New Microman Series



Magne & LED Powers Microman Series



Replica Microman Series

Microman Collectible Card produced by TV Magazine in 1970's. The card set depicted characters from Microman manga by Mr. Moritou.

Japanese comic magazine included special paper craft items with each issue and TV Magazine comic was no difference.  Each issue of TV magazine would included paper craft such as mask, paper dolls, paper craft toys and often collectibles items such as card set, stickers and posters. Back in late 1970's TV Magazine produced Microman collectible cards with artworks by the manga artist Mr. Moritou. The cards were simply printed on cardboard stock and came perforated ready for the readers to punch them out and collected them.  I remembered owning this particular set of cards when I was a kid.  It was not from the actual TV Magazine but a knock-off reprint by publisher in Thailand (where I grew up). This was back in the 70's before the current enforcement of copyright law so knock-off reprint of Japanese comic was common practice then.  Thai comic books sometimes included these paper craft items but this was seldom done due to cost.  Japanese import comic were very expensive and hard to get especially for a ten years old as they were only sold at specialty bookstore.  If I remembered correctly the set also came with a small box for holding the cards. Though the set of cards from my childhood was long gone, I happen to obtain facsimile color copies from my good friend Dave Waugh. (I spotted them on his wall when his Micro-collection was on display at Palisades website).  Like most vintage paper craft items, I am sure the set was probably very hard to find.  Again special thanks to Dave W. for the copies and for bringing back my childhood memory!